Intervju med R.J. Tolson

Igår kunde ni läsa min recension av Zephyr The West Wind och som en del i denna Virtual Book Tour har jag fått intervjua författaren till denna bok som jag verkligen gillade.

1. Welcome to my blog R.J., I'm honored to have you here with me and my readers today!

Would you like to start by telling us a little bit about yourself so we can get the chance to know you?

- I am a 19 year old CEO, Author, and student. I spend most of my working time studying, doing business, writing, and charity work, while I like to go to the beach, listen to music, read, play soccer/tennis, meet new people, and travel in my free time. I also love a good fantasy movie, learning and speaking different languages, and broadening my horizons through knowledge and experiences.

2. Can you tell us something about your inspiration to write this book?

- A big thing that inspired me to write my book was the idea of hard work beating innate talent. I have friends who are on both sides of the spectrum, some born with natural talent in things like sports or academics, while I have others who have to work constantly to keep up. From this, I came up with the theory that there are people who can be genius of hard work, a key belief that is present throughout the story.

3. Have you always wanted to be a writer or did you wanted to become something else when you were younger?

- For most of my youth, I wanted to be some sort of superhero that could fight evil and protect the innocent. But as I grew out of that idea, I did come upon the dream of wanting to be a writer.

4. What part was the hardest one to write in the book?

- I would have to say that the last few chapters of the book were the hardest. I had so much information, and now a whole story line behind me that opened up hundreds of possible events and paths that I could take with the end of the book that it drove me crazy trying to figure out which one I thought was best.

5. What do you hope the readers will take with them from this amazing book?

Two ideas. I hope that they live with the idea of never giving up, now matter how bad things look, and that taking the time to understand others is worthwhile in life.

6. Which is your favourite book you have read so far?

- I don’t specifically have a favorite book, but rather a series because I loved every book in it so much. Pendragon by D.J. Machale is my all time favorite as of now. 

7. Do you prefer to read a book before watching the movie? Why/Why not?

- I prefer reading the book first because I like to stimulate my imagination by creating and picturing the world, scenes and characters with my own perception. Then I like to see the movie because I can witness the actions of a book in live action form and also compare my own perception to that of the movie director’s.

8. Did you listen to music when you write this book and if so what music was it?

I listened to a lot of different music when I wrote my book. Mainly classical and instrumental pieces taken from a variety of soundtracks like Harry Potter, Star Wars, Chronicles of Narnia and more.

9. What will you do next and can we find your music on Spotify?

I’m currently working on the sequel to Zephyr the West Wind, book 2 in the chaos chronicles. No my music can't be found on Spotify but you can listen to it here.

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