Interview: Cindy C Bennett

As a part of the blog tour I got the chance to do a interview with Cindy C Bennett, the author of Rapunzel Untangled.

1. Welcome to my blog Cindy, I'm honored to have you here with me and my readers today!
Would you like to start by telling us a little bit about yourself so we can get the chance to know you?

Thank you so much for having me! I’m so excited to be on a blog in Sweden. I’m a YA author, mostly contemporary but with a little paranormal or fantasy thrown in here and there. I live in Salt Lake City, which most people know as the place where the 2002 Winter Olympics were held. I’m married to my high school sweetheart, and have two sons, two daughters, two daughters-in-law, and two dogs. I love to write (of course), read (when I get the chance), and ride my Harley Davidson motorcycle.

2. Can you tell us something about your inspiration to write this book?

I already had it in my mind to write a series of short stories based on classic fairytales when my publisher approached me asking if I’d like to write a Snow White retelling. I agreed, then due to some confusion, another author was offered the same. So they asked if I’d like to write a different one. Rapunzel had been on my mind, so I chose her story to tell—though very differently than any of the classic tales. My Rapunzel’s story is a bit darker and has a completely different twist than any others.

3. Have you always wanted to be a writer or did you wanted to become something else when you were younger?

I’ve wanted to be a write for as long as I can remember. In fact, my mom found a story I wrote when I was 12. It’s hilarious though I’m sure at the time I found it quite romantic. My dream was cemented when I was in grade 9 and my language arts teacher had us do a “10-minute writing” each day where he’d write a subject on the blackboard, then give us ten minutes to just write. I looked forward to that every day. I lose myself in writing—always have. It took me years, though, to get up enough courage to actually try to do it professionally rather than just for my own personal pleasure.

4. What part was the hardest one to write in the book and what was more easier to write?

The easiest was the first part of the book when Rapunzel first begins talking to Fane on Facebook. Those scenes came very easily to me for some reason. The most difficult was toward then end when Gothel really begins to unravel and her insanity becomes apparent. I didn’t want to make it too obvious, nor not obvious enough. Those scenes and the scenes with Vedmak were the most challenging for me.

5. What do you hope the readers will take with them from this amazing book?

Well, thank you for calling it amazing! J I’d love it if readers take away some hope, that if someone as repressed and naïve as Rapunzel can find the strength to escape a horrible, and seemingly hopeless, situation, that they can rise above their own challenges. In all of my books I try to make my heroines strong and courageous with the desire to rise above their circumstances.

6. Which is your favourite book you have read so far?

That’s a tough one because there are soooo many amazing books out there. My most recent favorite is a short story by Jamie Canosa called Our Own Worst Enemies, which is a sort of zombie romance—but I promise it doesn’t come close to being the story you think it might be.

7. What is your favourite book memory?

Being in elementary school and having read-a-thons, where we could bring snacks and soda pop and blankets and pillows to school, and just read for a few hours without having to do any schoolwork.

8. Do you prefer to read a book before watching the movie? Why/Why not?

As a general rule I do prefer to read the book first. With the exception of two movies, I’ve yet to see a movie that can live up to the book. The only two movies I like better than the book are Stardust (novel by Neil Geiman) and The Notebook (novel by Nicholas Sparks).

9. Did you listen to music when you write this book and if so what music was it?

No, I didn’t. As much as I love music, I write better when I’m surrounded by noise. I’m usually in my living room with the dogs, kids going in and out, and the TV on.

10. What will you do next?

By the end of February I’ll finish my Cinderella and Swan Lake short stories to finish up the five “Enchanted Fairytales” that will be in the anthology (I’ve already written the first three: Beautiful Beast, Red and the Wolf, and Snow White). Then I’ll finish the sequel to Immortal Mine as well as a sci-fi book (my first) that I’m writing with two other authors tentatively title The Collaborative. I’ll also be teaching a course in marketing at the Teen Author Boot Camp held at a university here in Salt Lake for aspiring teen authors, ages 13-19, and doing “Authorpalooza” at a local Barnes & Noble bookstore with about 40 other authors in a massive book signing.


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